Our Services

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Sale & Purchase

Our correspondent network of hundreds ship owners and ship brokers throughout the world enables us to provide our clients,

with accurate and current information with which to make critical investment decisions when buying or selling and helping with inspections and deliveries.

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We strive to provide our clients with full, professional and reliable services,find cargo

checking tonnage/equipment

High quality operations.

we are specialized in Dry Cargo,

Chartering,Handling vessels size

from Coasters up to Handymax.

We are exclusive brokers of some number of Coasters.

Ship Supply 

Specialized in ship supplies, equipment, tools & provisions, bonded stores, cabin stores, deck and engine stores,

for Cargo Ships, Cruise Ships, Tankers, Ferry and Mega-Yachts.

We can provide any supplies in a short time, High quality , Competitive Prices, Fast Services.

we are working 24/7.